Home Advice & How-ToDating The 10 Male Archetypes You’ll Meet Dating in Los Angeles
Home Advice & How-ToDating The 10 Male Archetypes You’ll Meet Dating in Los Angeles

The 10 Male Archetypes You’ll Meet Dating in Los Angeles

by Nick Marshall

Whether you were born in Los Angeles or came to chase the dream of sun, surf and a special on Netflix, at some point you’ll be looking for Mr. Right in LA.  Dating in Los Angeles is challenging, but it’s easier to navigate if you know what to expect.  Here are the 10 most common  types of men you may encounter in LA, and how to deal with them. 

Model Bartender

Image-conscious LA certainly raises the bar when it comes to good-looking, which means that even those tending the bar often look like they just fell from a billboard.  Should you give an impossibly ripped, groomed bartender your best shot before they serve you theirs?  In the spirit of dating in Los Angeles, play it cool.  Act like you’ve got several offers to choose from, and if they do give you their number, remember that it’s almost mandatory in LA to ghost them.  

Here’s a tip that’s fit for any bartender:  run any number you’re given through a reverse phone number search engine.  A quick search will (ideally) confirm important dating details like his name, age, city of residence, undisclosed “roommates,” active dating profiles, social media accounts and more.  If he’s falsely posing as an LA resident, concealing his true relationship status or serial dating across the city, it’s best that you find out sooner rather than later. 

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The Aspiring Star

From “Swingers” to “La La Land” (or was it “Moonlight”?), you know what Los Angeles dating looks like even if you’ve never set foot in the city.  And yes, you’ll meet a lot of guys who are hustling to get their showreel, script or demo in front of a power player.  Meanwhile, they’re writing your name on a coffee cup.  Congratulations, you just met the next George Clooney. 

Surf God

Venture to Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach or Malibu and you’re entering the natural habitat of the waverider.  You won’t regret it.  Spend the day surrounded by toned, tanned torsos and enjoy the company of eco-aware, laid-back men who wax.  Just don’t come between them and their board.  Their passion will always be the next wave. 

The Jolly Angelino 

As well as aspiring models and actors, there’s no shortage of budding comedians in the LA dating pool, hustling for a two-minute open mic at The Comedy Store or Laugh Factory.  The good news is that they offer an unlimited source of jokes for your date.  The bad news is that if things go badly, you might find yourself as the source of some cringeworthy material. 

Silicon Beach Tech Bro

With the University of Southern California and California Institute of Technology attracting top tech talent to the city, Los Angeles is home to more than its fair share of entrepreneurs, crypto guys and fraternity bros.  You can spot them by their Tesla and wearables throughout West LA.  On the plus side, they’re not afraid to splash the cash.  On the downside, they won’t hesitate to dump you like stock when the market is hot.  Want to check their form?  Dive deep into the data with a search through billions of records on Spokeo to confirm that their story (including education level, property ownership, investments and even estimated salary) adds up.

California Stoner

Even if only 1 in 5 pot shops in Los Angeles are actually licensed, cannabis culture has made its mark in a big way in California.  Casual weed use is an essential part of life and a defining characteristic for the man who stacks bong hits.  It’s not going to be a wild ride from a dating perspective, but the relationship should be blissful. 

The Sugar Daddy

This one comes with a caveat that is impossible to overlook since the #MeToo era.  Older men play a much more active part in the dating scene in Los Angeles than you may find in other cities.  If you’re a younger woman on dating apps or invited to parties where local industry figures are present, you might encounter wealthy, powerful men offering a helping hand.  Separate the genuine ones from the predators by conducting a name search to unlock any alarming criminal history details (note: additional fees may apply).

The Fitness Freak

Body-shaming the entire universe with their energy levels, flexibility and skin tone, LA’s elite fitness gurus can make for an exhausting but life-affirming love match.  It’s not just the gluten-free diet, green juice and kale you need to get used to — it’s the relentless zest for the outdoors and exercise.  But if you can keep up, go for it. 

The Earthy Hipster

This one isn’t exclusive to Los Angeles.  You’ll find their counterparts in Brooklyn, Austin and Portland too, but Los Angeles hipsters would argue that nobody does eco-loving, liberal-leaning living better.  Catch them at one of the city’s legendary food trucks or health food stores and spend a day together at Silver Lake savoring farm-to-table restaurants and artisanal craft. 

West Hollywood Royalty

Perhaps this subset of Los Angeles life is too exclusive to be a city stereotype, but it’s the one that many people will recognize from shows like “The O.C.” or movies like “Clueless.”  Find yourself a gentleman from West Hollywood or Beverly Hills and you could be whisked into LA’s high society.  Look for the guy wearing a suit, tuxedo or argyle sweater around his shoulders and driving a Porsche. 

Let’s not forget that Los Angeles is a city of around 4 million people, so we’re only able to scratch the surface here.  To dig deeper, follow the data.  Is your new suitor concealing a marriage?  Does he have a criminal history?  Is he a genuine LA resident or just here for a bachelor party?  With Spokeo, you can conduct a discreet name, phone number, email or address search of anyone you meet on dating apps, online or at a food truck to verify their identity and give yourself peace of mind. 

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