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Home Advice & How-ToDating Investigating Infidelity

Investigating Infidelity

by Ashley Viloria

“I’m working late” – the three words you never want to hear when you’re suspicious that your partner is being unfaithful. When Sarah noticed that her now ex-boyfriend, Mike was acting distant and started coming home late every day after working “overtime”, she turned to Spokeo to help her investigate.

Sarah and Mike had been dating on and off for two years. During one of their breaks, Sarah happened to pass by Mike’s house and noticed an unfamiliar car in his driveway. When they got back together a few months later, Sarah asked Mike about it and he admitted that the car belonged to a woman he worked with. Sarah took a mental note of the woman’s name, just in case.

Right before their final breakup, Sarah noticed that Mike had grown distant, was working long hours at work, and became very protective of his cell phone. Sarah had also found a strand of blonde hair on Mike’s jacket. As a brunette, Sarah knew it wasn’t her hair. When she confronted Mike, he tried to shrug it off and say it was his roommate’s girlfriend’s hair. Sarah’s intuition told her that something was off as these were all typical cheating behaviors, and she started wondering if something was going on between Mike and the female coworker who had been at his house a few months prior.

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Sarah remembered the name of Mike’s coworker and decided to look her up on Instagram. After finding the woman’s profile, Sarah saw that one of the recent posts was of a blonde woman wearing a jacket identical to the one Mike owned – the one that had the mysterious strand of blonde hair.

The nail in the coffin happened a few weeks later when Sarah saw texts from Mike’s coworker on his Apple Watch. After reading through the thread, Sarah realized that Mike had been unfaithful during their entire relationship. She also learned that all the times Mike said he was working late, he was actually hanging out with his coworker. Since Mike’s Apple Watch only showed the woman’s name, but not her phone number, Sarah decided to look her up. At first, she wasn’t sure how to look up someone’s phone number. But then Sarah remembered that she had used Spokeo a few years back to research a potential date (spoiler alert: she found criminal records on the guy and decided to not meet him). Sarah logged on to Spokeo, searched the woman’s name, and found her phone number. Sarah wanted to confront both of them, so she created a group chat between the three of them and expressed her feelings about what she had found out. She also told Mike that the relationship was over. Mike got defensive, but never denied the infidelity. Sarah was upset, but knew her worth. After that text conversation, she broke up with Mike and never spoke to him again.

When it comes to dating – always trust your intuition. Have a feeling that your partner may be cheating? Unsure about someone you’re meeting up with for a date? Use Spokeo to search names and phone numbers to help give you the peace of mind you need in your love life.