Home StoriesConsumers How Spokeo Helped Bette Prevent Insurance Fraud
Home StoriesConsumers How Spokeo Helped Bette Prevent Insurance Fraud

How Spokeo Helped Bette Prevent Insurance Fraud

by Spokeo

Holiday drivers! Need I say more? The holidays are stressful enough without having to dodge speeding cars or wait behind someone who takes 20 minutes to back their car out of a parking spot. One of our customers was not so lucky, but Spokeo was able to help turn her accident into a happy ending.

Rear Ended

Bette was stopped at a red light when she was rear ended, causing her car to hit the vehicle in front of her. She looked in her rearview mirror and saw a car behind her with a young man and his father.

Bette and the person in the car in front of her both immediately got out of their cars to check on each other. The young man and his father in the car behind her gave her a little card that indicated that the car was a rental car, and that they were insured under the rental agency. Bette also took a picture of the young man’s license, and the license plate on the vehicle.

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After turning in the documentation to her insurance company, she was blindsided again. Not only was the car not covered under the rental agency, but the driver’s personal information wasn’t up-to-date. Her insurance wouldn’t be able to cover repairs unless they had current information on the other driver.

Bette was hitting roadblocks every where she turned for help. The car rental agency couldn’t provide the driver’s details due to local laws and the police couldn’t help because they weren’t called to the scene of the accident. Someone suggested she try a people search engine to find up-to-date information for the driver.

Setting the Record Straight

Bette and her husband went to Spokeo.com and searched the driver’s name. The first thing that popped up were numerous addresses. They started looking through the different listings, and through all the listed relatives.

Their perseverance paid off, eventually they found information for the father of the driver. Once they gave the findings to their insurance company, their car was immediately fixed, and Bette and her husband didn’t have to pay a dime.