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Home StoriesProtectors Mama Bear To The Rescue

Mama Bear To The Rescue

by Ashley Viloria

As a parent, your primary concern is the well-being and safety of your children, and making sure that they feel safe and protected, especially while at home. When the peace is disturbed, you’ll do whatever you can to restore it. 

A Disturbance At Home

In November of last year, Alma and her family moved into a new apartment. Not too quickly after moving in, they found themselves the victims of harassment. At first, the nuisances were pretty small – just some random trash being thrown at their window. Although it was small, it still caught Alma’s attention since it had happened a few times. There was a brief month where Alma and her husband noticed that they hadn’t been bothered. Like clockwork, things started back up again. The trash-throwing turned into coin and rock-throwing. The harasser even went as far as trying to open their front door. After that scary incident, Alma had had enough. As a mother of three young kids, her “mama bear” instincts kicked in, and she knew she had to get the harassment to stop.

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Alma’s husband had seen the man on a few occasions and was able to identify him on security cameras. With some help from their landlord, they discovered that the man bothering them was actually the previous tenant of their home. He had been evicted and was upset, and was taking it out on Alma and her family. Their landlord was able to give them the name of the man, but no other information.

Restoring The Peace

Alma went online to find more information and found his address and Facebook profile on Spokeo. After pulling up the man’s Facebook profile, Alma’s husband immediately recognized him. They went to their local police station to file a report and gave them all the information they had found on the man. It took a while for things to start moving, but after some time, they were able to take out a restraining order on the man. Since then, they haven’t been bothered by the harasser.

With some determination, detective work, and a bit of patience, Alma was able to do what she set out to do once she realized that her family was in danger – keep them safe.