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You Control Your Data

We want you to have access to the knowledge and the tools you need to understand, protect, and control your personal data.

Data with a Purpose

We generate a digital footprint with nearly every move we make on and offline. Our lives leave behind a trail of public records. By law, many of these records and the information they contain are made publicly accessible via the public domain.
Spokeo uses this pre-existing public data for one purpose: to give you the power to make informed decisions in your life. Find out why millions of people trust us every day: learn about the power of data and how it can help elevate all your personal connections.
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We Do Not Share Sensitive Data

We do not share or sell certain types of data. Social security numbers, ethnicity, and sexual orientation are a few of the data points that we believe should be private. Learn more about the different types of data we collect and how we categorize them.
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Your Tools

We know you take your personal information seriously. We want to ensure that you have the tools you need to manage that personal information. Take a moment to learn about your options and read our Privacy Policy.

Knowledge is Power

You have the ability to manage certain aspects of your public information as the data is presented within people search. There are six types of public data that you can control. You also have the right to know the types of information that Spokeo collects. Learn more about the categories of data that Spokeo collects.

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Monitor Your Digital Footprint

Because we are not the direct source of these records, there are categories of public data that can't be controlled by using Spokeo's tools. However you can search yourself to uncover the different elements of your digital footprint and use that insight to take action by going directly to the source.

Search Yourself

Using Data for Good

Millions of people trust us to inform their lives as they validate new relationships, reconnect with old friends and flames, and even save lost pets through the power of people search tools.

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Opt Out Your Information

You (or an authorized agent on your behalf) may request to opt out from the sale of your information on Spokeo. We will use the names, location, and contact information provided below only to process your opt-out request. You must provide a name and at least one of either a phone number, email address, or street address to proceed. Providing more information may help in enabling us to match your opt-out request with what’s in our database. You may also make an opt-out request by calling us at 1 (877) 864-0183. No additional proof is required from an authorized agent.


Basic Information

Please enter your name and any other names you have used

Location History


Contact Information


Confirm Your Information


How long does it take to opt out?
Depending on the nature of your request and the amount of data, your opt-out request should be processed in 24-48 hours.
Why do you need my information?
This information is needed to help us locate your data, and if we find a match, to complete the opt-out request. The information will only be used to assist with the opt-out request.
Can I opt out on behalf of someone else?
Yes, as long as you are their authorized agent.
How do I know if my opt-out request is done?
After you have submitted the request, you will be provided a confirmation code for you to check the status. You are also welcome to email us at privacy@spokeo.com if you have any questions.

Our Privacy Promise

The information you share will only be used to assist with your opt-out request. These details will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will not be sold to any third parties.


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