Father's Day for Peace
A note from Brave New Foundation

Teacher. Provider. Mentor. Protector. Moral Compass. Disciplinarian. Confidante. Friend. These are just a few of the roles a father plays.

This year instead of short-changing dad with another funky tie to crowd the closet, or cologne that he will never open, send him an e-card that will help sponsor an Iraqi child wounded by war. You can honor the man who taught you how to throw a baseball or drove you to ballet lessons by providing security, health, and love to a child whose father was unable to protect his son due to war.

As we researched the origins of Father's Day in order to find the true meaning of the holiday, we completely overlooked the obvious; it is a day to celebrate the efforts and sacrifices your Dad has made for you. When we heard the story of Ismaeel and Abdul Hakeem, we were reminded of the universal truth of fatherhood - all fathers want the most for their children including safety, health, and love. Actor David Arquette speaks eloquently about what it means to be a father as he shares their story in this video.

We think it is important to remember all the help your father has given you over the years. During this time of war, when the sacrifices of so many fathers - from the dads in battle, to the dads at home worrying about their children, to the civilian dads on the streets of Iraq fearing for the safety of their kids as they walk to school - has been well documented, we once again teamed up with No More Victims to help a father give aid to his son who was wounded during the Iraq War.

You can help bring back security into their lives and honor your father by donating to No More Victims and allowing Abdul to get the medical treatment he needs. No more ties or cologne, send a gift that will help a father save his child.

Thank you for all of your support.

Jim Miller, Paris Marron
and The Brave New Foundation Team

Special Thanks to David Arquette
David Arquette

Brave New Foundation would like to extend a special thank you to David Arquette for participating in this project. David Arquette is a father, actor, director, and producer. He is perhaps most well-known for his
character Dewey in the wildly successful "Scream" films. Most recently, he performed in the TV show "In Case of Emergency" and served as executive producer for FX television series Dirt, which features his wife, actress Courtney Cox.

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