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Make the World Transparent

People increasingly mistrust companies, technologies, and each other. We want to leverage data to make the world around us more transparent—making trust a little easier.

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Spokeo is a people intelligence service that helps you search, connect, and know who you are dealing with. You can use it to find old friends, identify unknown callers, or research your date. Professionals use it to find new customers or to prevent fraud. Knowledge is a quick search away.

Serving 20 million people a month
Organizing 12 billion records
Answering 500,000 searches a day
Using thousands of sources

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We organize over 12 billion records from thousands of data sources into easy-to-understand reports that include available contact info, location history, photos, social media accounts, family members, court records, work information, and much more.* We help you know more, assisting your internal compass to point true north.

* Additional fees apply beyond base membership or report for certain types of information.

Our Story

Innovating Since 2006

Spokeo started as a social network aggregator in 2006 to simplify our digital lifestyle. We evolved into a social search engine in 2008 and attracted paying customers. We launched a people search engine in 2010 and have grown to more than 20 million monthly visitors. We aim to be your transparent and trusted people intelligence service for learning more about people around you.


Advancing Transparency

We hold ourselves to the following values and beliefs so that we can achieve data and cultural transparency.

Listen with Empathy
We listen with empathy so that we can comprehend the context of the conversation, align diverse perspectives, and move forward. By putting ourselves in other people's shoes, we promote an open culture where trust and respect thrive.
Understand the Why
We understand “the why” so that we know how to find relevant solutions and champion sustainable growth. By asking "why", we clarify the purpose behind the "what" and "how" so that we can focus on delivering the objectives.
Clarify with Data
We clarify with data to provide smart, measurable, actionable, relevant, and timely insights. By practicing data-driven disciplines, it allows us to use clarity and objectivity when making decisions about our products and the direction of our company.
Innovate to Learn
We learn through the use of innovative thinking, expressing creativity, and the sharing of new and bold ideas with the courage to manage failure. By learning from trying new things, we adapt and thrive in the ever-changing marketplace.
Collaborate to Achieve
We achieve through collaboration, drawing from our different experiences, knowledge, and skills in pursuit of common objectives. By sharing our ideas and efforts openly and efficiently, we work together to enhance results and amplify impact.
Insist on Quality
We insist on quality because we recognize that our job is never done. By holding ourselves to the highest standards, we continue to focus, test, and iterate on our work so that we can deliver simple and robust results.

Leveraging Experience

We’ve assembled experienced leaders from various industries to lead our teams and build impactful products and services.


Spokeo Cares

From aiding individual volunteers and nonprofit organizations, to employee donations, we are committed to connecting and assisting people through our technology.
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Spokeo is committed to recognizing and supporting the volunteers who help adoptees and birth families find one another.


We support learning about technology at local schools and provide scholarships for education.

Local Communities

Whether it's organizing toy drives or promoting science and technology education, we strive to make a difference.


Spokeo donates accounts to qualifying nonprofits who can further their cause by using our search platform.

Spokeo In the News

See what we've been up to in our blog. If you're a member of the press, please contact us at press@spokeo.com.

Video: Spokeo's CEO, Harrison Tang
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